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Choosing an actors headshot photographer

I recognise that sometimes it can be challenging researching actors headshot photographers online and trying to find the right one for you. There are so many factors to consider – the quality of their work, how much industry experience they have, and of course, what prices and packages are available to suit your budget? Headshots are a big investment for most actors and when searching online, you need to some reassurance that you will get the best results.

Testimonials can be a great insight into how different photographers work and what to expect during a headshot session. Nowadays, when we all do so much research online, I think it’s invaluable to be able to see other people’s first hand experiences when selecting a professional photographer.

Actors headshot testimonials and reviews

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of different actors and I always treat each client on an individual basis, getting to know them and their requirements. I believe this important because I see the process of creating good headshots as a collaborative effort. I think the best results are always achieved when an actor feels comfortable in front of the camera and there is an element of trust between them and the photographer. Don’t just take my word for it though – here are some testimonials and reviews from some of the lovely actors I’ve worked with who have been kind enough to share their experiences:

What a pleasure to work with and to have my new headshots taken by Alex Winn. He is a total professional from start to finish. A great photographer. He explains everything clearly and makes you feel relaxed and helps you to feel your best through the shoot. The quality of Alex’s work is 100%+ Much appreciated and respect.

Senol Dervis actors headshot
Senol Dervis

Made me feel at home. Loved that he got to know me to make sure he portrayed me well in my headshot, and to know how to get shots which will help with the direction I’d like to head towards. Great shots they are too.

Actors headshot - Liam Wakeford by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Liam Wakeford


An incredibly in depth, professional headshot session with an extremely talented and professional guy! From the word go, Alex made me feel instantly comfortable and welcomed, taking the time to get to know what I wanted to get out of the session. There was no pressure to ‘keep to the allocated time limit’, and Alex supplied lots of information and knowledge throughout, which was fantastic. I’m thrilled with the end results, the photos are amazing. I would absolutely recommend Alex to anyone looking to get headshots done.

Actors headshot - Corinna Kay by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Corinna Kay


The time with Alex was incredibly well spent. We had a really in depth conversation about my intentions from the photo shoot, what I was wanting to capture in the headshots and how this would best be expressed through the lens. The outcome exceeded my expectations and I have headshots I am really pleased with and which capture the types of castings I go to. The cost of this was very reasonable and definitely excellent value for money. I feel my confidence as an actor has been raised as well as a result of Alex’s input and the quality of the headshots I now have. Many, many thanks Alex.

Actors headshot - Michael Brady by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Michael Brady


Alex is a fantastic photographer and a really nice guy. He took time to explain everything thoroughly before the session so that we could get the best out of the shoot. Allowing me to look at the photos during the shoot was also really useful. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone considering getting new headshots. I only wish I’d gone to him sooner!

Actors headshot - Ingrid Miller by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Ingrid Miller


Great shots, and a wonderful experience. I cannot recommend Alex enough.

Actors headshot - Liivika Hanstin by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Livika Hanstin


It was absolutely wonderful to work with Alex. I’m more than happy with the outcome. However, that couldn’t be possible without Alex’s insightful tips, professional guidance and advice. The whole process was relaxed, unrestrained, very professional – I’m grateful for all the tips and suggestions. And of course for the great pics! Highly recommended photographer.

Actors headshot - Giten Patel by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Giten Patel


A very talented photographer, Alex is situated in an amazing location in Trinity Buoy Wharf. The sessions are always a great laugh and never fail to produce high quality pictures. Also, great coffee!

Actors headshot - Robin Varley by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Robin Varley


Alex guided me through a two hour photo shoot with total focus and professionalism, theres nothing I can say that quite explains how pleased I am with the results. Using a combination of well honed methods Alex ensured that I had all the necessary elements required to create what I can only describe as the best set of photo’s I now have to my name. I won’t hesitate to use Alex again in the future, nor should anyone reading this review.

Actors headshot - Neil Gardner by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Neil Gardner


I didn’t know what to expect from my first headshot session, but Alex was very professional, and put me at ease from the start. You find the shots together rather than a textbook ‘this is now your headshot’, and I found that part of his work method highly rewarding and encouraging. He is focused on getting the best results out of you in a friendly but industry focused way. I would highly recommend him for anybody in need of headshots.

Actors headshot - Jack Tutt by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Jack Tutt


I was very nervous about having my first set of headshots done but from the moment I walked into the studio Alex made me feel very comfortable and welcome. The whole session was great and the end product is fantastic. I have recommended Alex to everyone I know in the business and will continue to do so.

Actors headshot - Gareth Isaacsson by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Gareth Isaacsson


One of the best photographers I’ve worked with, responded to any questions really quick, helped to prepare me and find my way to the studio. In the session Alex really took his time and helped me find the confidence and expressions to make the pictures exactly what I needed for my acting. 100% recommended!

Actors headshot - Hannah Robinson by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Hannah Robinson


This was my first ever headshot session, and Alex took time to get to know a bit about where I was at and what I wanted for the shoot, as well as talking me through the process and helping me understand how to achieve a range of different looks. He was patient, friendly and professional, and put me in the driving seat throughout. Very reasonable rate, and easy and prompt to deal with. I’m thrilled with my headshots and would highly recommend him.

Actors headshot - James Wintergrove by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

James Wintergrove


I would 100% recommend Alex Winn for anyone after a headshot – especially if you’re starting out as an actor or performer. Not only did Alex make me feel instantly at ease when I arrived, he was also very good at explaining why shots were taken in certain ways, how different poses, clothes etc. create different impressions. The ‘science behind the process’ really helped me when thinking about what kind of impression I want to make. He was also very patient and helpful when I was struggling to decide which pictures to have finalised. Go ahead and book him now, you won’t regret it!

Actors headshot - Antonia Reed by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Antonia Reed


I feel so happy and lucky that I chose Alex for my headshots. He is a real professional and above all he cares about his clients. Even after our session he was always replying on my emails and helped me to choose the right head shots for me according to my personality. I felt he knew me for years. For every photo he had a good reason why I should choose it or not. Of course, I could not decide since I loved each and every one of them. Alex makes the headshots look alive, he captures your best moment and I could only feel lucky that I had such a beautiful experience.

Actors headshot - Lia Kostinou by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Lia Kostinou


Best session of my career. Alex is a superb guide to getting the best out of the session so as to make it productive and enjoyable. His ideas complement yours. And the results are authentic and honest. Hugely recommend him.

Actors headshot - Davie Fairbanks by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Davie Fairbanks


Alex is quite simply one of the best photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Like many, I’m not comfortable looking down the lens of a camera, but from the second I walked through the door I received a warm and relaxed welcome and immediately felt at ease. We talked for a bit, mainly because I’m a chatterbox, but at no point did I feel that there was a rush or I was just another client. Alex was there for me and to give me what I needed. Even after the first few minutes I was already happy with the shots that had been taken and I relaxed even more knowing that I was in the right hands. I couldn’t be happier with results and would recommend Alex to anyone.

Actors headshot - Steve Lorient by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Steve Lorient


Had a great experience with Alex. The session was both relaxed and very focused, producing fantastic results, he allows you to explore how you are in camera, getting the shots you want. I’d recommend him to any actor looking to get headshots.

Actors headshot - Samuel Caseley by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Samuel Caseley


Thoroughly enjoyed getting my headshots done by Alex. He made me feel comfortable while working with him during the shoot, and I absolutely love the end results! Would highly recommend 🙂

Actors headshot - Sara Benetiz by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Sara Benitez


I am so pleased I decided to go to Alex Winn for my latest set of actor headshots. Not only was Alex extremely welcoming and friendly, but his commitment to meeting my own particular headshot requirements was fantastic. With Alex’s helpful tips and regular reviewing of the shots throughout the session, I’ve ended up with an outstanding set of headshot photos. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Actors headshot - Dan Gaisford by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Dan Gaisford


It was my first experience of taking headshots. Alex was really professional and friendly and take time to explain the process to me as well as taking few test shots for me to understand how my face looks in different angles which was very useful. It was a great experience with nice headshots as a result.

Actors headshot - Raha Rahbari by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Raha Rahbari


My shoot with Alex was amazing. I am very impressed with my new headshots and would certainly recommend him to any other actors looking for a headshot photographer. He really worked hard to make sure that I got the images that I needed and my agent was very happy with them too. Overall the session was fantastic and I would definitely use Alex again!

Actors headshot - Kamara Bacchus by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

Kamara Bacchus


Alex was professional and at the same time very approachable. He made the shoot easy and fun and I am delighted with the results. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends for their headshots and will return to him myself in future. If you are looking for great quality shots at a very reasonable price, whether you are a first-timer or looking for a change, look no further.

Actors headshot - David Alexander by Alex Winn | London headshot photographer

David Alexander